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Dausos is there, on a high mountain of the World, surrounded by two winding rivers of infinite currents. One is the River of Time, the other the River of Destiny. They don't start anywhere and never stop. Upon the riverbanks is the Eternal Garden, looming at the forefront of Mount Dausos. There grow vibrant trees lush with ripe golden apples, that never fall. The garden is rich with beasts and birds. These beasts speak the language of the people. The birds fly to the garden for winter, and sing songs that make lost spirits weep.  The garden thrives in an eternal day, while the darkness is ever present behind the rays of light.


The Garden Gate is guarded by the God Aush-tara (Auštaras), who illuminates the path for spirits of pure heart and blows away those who strive after evil. The spirits of the good, the righteous, and those who have fallen honorably in battle, are allowed to rise to Dausos. All others fall into Hell beneath the Mountain.


There is a second gate to the Mountain top, behind which all the Gods, the lords of Dausos, live. Above that is the third gate, where the heavens begin. There the most powerful twelve Gods spin the wheel of the Universe. That wheel is eternal and has been spinning from the beginning of time. Each of the Masters of Heaven have a place in the wheel, in the world, and amongst the stars. 


The most powerful of the Gods is Percunos (Perkūnas), the God of Thunder and lightning, one would be a fool to challenge his might. Each of the Gods hold powers over Earth, Air, Water or Fire. Every God has their own power, a controlled domain, a flow of nature they can bend at their will. The humans, tied by the strings of mortality, worship these gods as those who may bring the elements as gift rather than punishment. The Gods are all given rituals, sacrifices, and prayers, for they are all-mighty in people's faith. The Universe has its own strict order, divided into four parts; four-directional winds from four countries, years divided into four seasons. 


Still above, there is a fourth gate at Dausos. Behind its walls is eternity. It is the abode of the primordial Gods who created the heavens, the stars, everything that reaches our eyes. All Gods and all human beings came from them, but mankind forgot primordial names long before people were illuminated by the Light. These first Gods are unreachable by the prayers of mortals, for they have no need for worship. 


The Milky Way bridges the all gates of Dausos to these gods, grounding our world to their spectral energy.

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